Friday, 27 June 2008

Eyes Up!

Some real West Coast weather this week but the chicks don't seem too bothered by it. On Monday we were treated to a cracking view of the osprey feeding above the loch. It had found itself a great wee perch to enjoy a trout or two so fingers crossed it'll book that table again!

Skye and Frisa have been feeling the draft and have taken to perching out of the wind up above the nest so our intrepid visitors have been leaving the warmth of the hide. Their patience has been more than rewarded with some great views. This morning, the male bird, Skye, flew right over our heads, so close that you could clearly see his eyeball. Absolutely fantastic! Later on, a juvenile also flew over our heads. From below, we caught the yellow wing tags but no more - could it have been Haggis or Oatie, the 2006 chicks? Fortunately when this year's chicks fledge we'll have the satellite tags so no more wondering what they are up to!

Won't be long now though. With the chicks celebrating their 10 week birthday on Sunday, they could fledge any time after that so the next fortnight we'll be keeping an extra-close eye on them.


  1. Thanks for the update.
    Oh how I wish I could be on Mull to see them fledge.

    After they have flown is there any way we can be kept up to date on their whereabouts on a regular basis now they have sat tags?

    Have the chicks been sexed and named yet?

  2. Once the website is set up to track the satellite tags on our chicks, we'll let you know. The chicks can only be sexed using the feather samples collected during tagging so we are waiting for the results.

  3. Oh thats great, thanks for the reply.
    Keep up the good work.


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