Friday, 30 May 2008

Welcome back stranger

Some great views this week and not only of the sea eagles. We've seen an osprey over the hide again this week so there is yet another reason to keep our eyes peeled. The adult birds have given us some fantastic shows again this week, taking to some unusual perches - its not often you see a sea eagle on a fence post rather than a buzzard! With the chicks gaining weight all the time, Skye & Frisa certainly have their work cut out for them with more and more food going into the nest everyday. More carrion anyone?

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Sun, sand (martins) and sea eagles...

Yes, even the Isle of Mull has been basking in the tropical May heatwave, just the weather for young sea eagle chicks! The warm weather has given them the best possible start but its hard to believe they are 4 weeks old already. Looking more like two grey balls of fluff with wee stubby wings, they get more and more inquisitive everyday, popping their heads up over the nest to see who's watching in between feeds. Skye has been doing the majority of hunting, while Frisa has been making the most of the morning sun and is often seen sitting out on the perch tree, keeping an eye out on the nest and no doubt on us too!

Cuckoos seem to be all the more vocal this spring with some excellent views from the hide. The first osprey of the season was spotted last week but no signs of them giving Loch Frisa a go this year. We do however have a few very industrious sand martins working in the cut-away bank in front of the hide. If they are successful, they be one of only 4 colonies on the island. We have built up a species list of 68 st the hide since it opened, so who knows what else might drop by!

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Back in business!

2008 looks set to see a return to form for our Loch Frisa sea eagle pair, Skye and Frisa. The pair took up residence on a new nest in early March and sat tight on their eggs until they hatched around the 20th April.

A few weeks later and with spring very much in the air, the chicks are now old enough to be left ‘home alone’ on the nest while both adults are out and about finding food for these very hungry fluff balls.

Watching from the hide, this pair never fails to impress, showing off their 8ft wingspans as they soar over Loch Frisa and so we are looking forward to another successful season with them. It hasn’t just been the birds who have changed address. Our new all-ability hide opened to the public on Good Friday, providing a warm welcome to wildlife watchers young and old.

We’ve already built up an impressive species list and we continue to run daily trips to the hide – book now and don’t miss out!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

We have two chicks

Two small heads have been spotted peaking over the edge of the nest.

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